The Friends of the River Frome is a group of people who feel passionately about the state of the Somerset River Frome and its surroundings.

Our activities include

This website will tell you more about the Friends, who we are, what we do, the variety of activities for you and how you can join us.

In short, if you care for the River Frome, then Friends of the River Frome is for you!

Latest News

Fish Habitat Work wc March 14th and 21st
We will need volunteer 'labourers' (of any ability) to work on this exciting habitat project and help make the grant money go further. Two sites, one at Rodden Meadow and one at Weylands on weekdays and Saturdays 263 24. This project is sponsored by the Environment Agency to improve fish habitat and encourage a greater public interest in fishing. Let us know if you are interested. Contact Nick 01373 471687 (02/03/16)
Clean for the Queen Litter pick Sat 5th March 10 til 12
Join us for a litter pick as part of the national Clean for the Queen in celebration of her 90th birthday. Bring sensible shoes and gardening gloves. For further information follow this link. (01/03/16)
Love Your River Day! 13th Feb 10am to 3pm Frome Canoe Club
An event to publicize EA funded work to improve the fish habitat in the town. To include a litter pick; information about monitoring river health, canoeing and angling; and an opportunity to learn about the habitat improvements. Jeremy Wade of River Monster fame will be wading in too. Find out how these tie in with Somerset Wildlife Trust and the ideas of re-wilding that many of you may have heard about. For further information follow this link. (11/02/16)
AGM Feb 9th 7:30pm @ Frome Canoe Club
All welcome for our AGM. Guest speaker Chris Stringer, Environment Officer for Frome Town Council. Chris has a number of projects in hand so come and find out what the Council is up to on our behalf! He is an engaging speaker with a wealth of expertise and it will be good to hear about this important and interesting work. Oh, and tea and biscuits of course... (11/01/16)