About us

Friends of the Somerset River Frome (FoRF) are a local wildlife charity promoting the river, initially in central Frome. We are doing practical things to make 'our river' an asset for the town and people; to create a clean green linear park for everyone - families, naturalists, anglers, walkers, canoeists and cyclists.

Although many groups care for the river (for example, the Environment Agency, Frome Town Council, Mendip District Council, water undertakings, riparian owners, wildlife conservation trusts, and voluntary conservators like FoRF), there is often confusion about where the various responsibilities are in practice. This is where the 'Friends of the Somerset River Frome' can help. There is a great deal of goodwill and preparedness to cooperate among these groups and in the population as a whole.

FoRF has formed to be a catalyst to turn awareness and cooperation into tangible, visible results. We want to see the river function as a corridor for wildlife, an urban open space and a recreational area - these are not incompatible. Please give us your support - practical, financial or moral.

Click here to find out how to join Friends of the River Frome, and keep up-to-date on river-based activities.

(Incidentally there is more than one River Frome; there are others in South Gloucestershire and Dorset.)

Hon. Secretary
Sally Greenhalgh
Andrew Bryant
Membership Officer
Simon Keyes
Committee members
Mike Bull; Sue Everett; Tony House; Dawn Kennedy; Nick Ray; Bob Sargent; Jackie Wheeler;