The Friends of the River Frome is a group of people who feel passionately about the state of the Somerset River Frome and its surroundings.

Our activities include

This website will tell you more about the Friends, who we are, what we do, the variety of activities for you and how you can join us.

In short, if you care for the River Frome, then Friends of the River Frome is for you!

Latest News

2015 Launch Litter Pick
As usual we launch the year with our AGM(see previous event) and a Saturday morning litter pick. Meet with gloves and suitable footwear in front of the Cheese and Grain at 10.30am on Saturday 7 February. Unless there is a heatwave we will avoid slopes as falling in freezing water is bad for elderly hearts. (28/01/15)
Flooding, Farming, Fishes and Flowers Public talk
Tuesday 27th January at 7:30pm Frome Canoe Club You are invited to a public talk by Sue Everett, a Frome-based sustainability consultant, in which she will outline the current state of Frome's river environment. We have a beautiful natural corridor through our town and Sue will be discussing the various potential threats to it's health and the opportunities and strategies required to ensure the safety of both local and national waterways. With the undeniable problems of flooding and river management, particularly on the Somerset Levels, it is vital that we understand what actions need to be undertaken to ensure the long-term and environmentally sustainable health of this fundamental necessity of our life on the planet.The evening will include a brief overview of the work that the group has undertaken during the past year plus election of officers for the coming year ahead. The talk is free of charge and includes refreshments. (07/01/15)
Help create a garden at Welshmill
Edventure folk are creating a public garden and shelter alongside the allotments at Welshmill. Come and help 10am Saturday 28th November and Saturday 6th December. For further information follow this link. (28/11/14)
River Bank Cleanup
The Autumn strim has removed weeds and River Friends are about to tidy the river banks. Click on events for details. (10/10/14)
Coming Events
An Autumn Riverside Walk and the Spring AGM are being planned. (27/08/14)
Surveying the River Frome
This Autumn Somerset Rivers is planning to wade the river and make a photographic record. For further information follow this link. (27/08/14)
Another achievement
Last year we have waded and cleared from Witham Friary, and this year we have done river and tributary as far as the Macmillan Way. This is a first step to a long term solution. (27/08/14)
An aim achieved.
This morning four bashers joined up the work from Adderwell to the work from the Retreat. A couple of metres along the west bank of the river is cleared all the way! The fun continues...there is a lot of surveying to do upstream, mostly in waders. (09/08/14)
Bash today as Sunday cancelled
10 am at Cheese and Grain is our chance before the rain. Sunday evening not to be. More arranged eventually. (09/08/14)
Joined up bashing?
Job club Wednesdays have bashed from Adderwell. Ad hoc River Friends have bashed from the Retreat. This weekend we'll try to join up the clear stretches with a big push in the middle.Saturday 10am from outside Cheese and Grain and Sunday 5pm from middle of Adderwell Road where footpath goes from behind Butler, Tanner and Dennis. (06/08/14)
Wading is cool!
Two lots of wading work have been done North of Bullsbridge courtesy of the farmer. The Witham Friary waders are on their way downstream and report the situation, although bad, is a great improvement on last year. If anyone would like to help wading parties please contact us. (29/07/14)
URGENT Balsam seeds are forming
We need help in the next couple of weeks if our bashing is to be really effective. Contact Dorothy-Anne on 01373 300 583 and leave your contact details if you would like to be involved. (19/07/14)
Bashing at Bullsbridge
This afternoon three of us started work at Bullsbridge. We waded down the river in sunshine and found several thick stands of balsam to bash. (09/07/14)
Balsam Bash Launch
A cheeky Balsam is flowering in the centre of town! At 10.30am outside the library on the Thursday of the festival we will be launching this year's bashes. For further information follow this link. (06/07/14)
Festival Cleanup
Yesterday two River Friends cleared the banks before the Food Feast and the Independent Market. Most of the litter was small bits of torn paper rather than gross objects so it is an improvement on past years. (06/07/14)
River clean up gang strikes again!!
Four members of the group waded into the river under the railway arches at Wallbridge last Friday to tackle some unsightly rubbish. We pulled out three shopping trollies (returned to ASDA), a variety of bits of metal, wood and plastic, and two bicycles and a scooter. We also removed the build-up of plastic bottles and general junk from the stream that enters the river there. A great time was had by all! (05/07/14)
Litter Picking has made a difference
On the afternoon of 5 June two River Friends and two Hope Frome stalwarts worked with Aster Homes and volunteers on the Mount. It was quite a challenge to find litter there, very unlike five years ago. We did manage to fill our sacks with stuff hidden in the vegetation of the Dippy. (14/06/14)
Listen on 96.6FM
The programme below will go out live at 4pm on the 7th June and at noon on the 14th June. (04/06/14)
Another River Walk on FromeFM
River Friend, Rachel Bodle is the guest this month wandering along the river with Dorothy-Anne. For further information follow this link. (04/06/14)
Sue and DorothyAnne on FromeFM
You can listen to the environmental expert, Sue Everett walking upstream along the river with Dorothy-Anne. It will go out live on FromeFM 96.6 at 4pm on 12th April. For further information follow this link. (26/03/14)
Young dads contribute greatly
On 1 March several young dads and their small children did a litter sweep of our Frome River and Paths Walk available in the library. Ten more older persons worked along the river from the Cheese and Grain. Between us we made a huge pile of black bags to be taken away. (24/03/14)
Talk by local environmentalist at our AGM 11th Feb
Everyone is cordially invited to our AGM 7:30pm 11th February 2014 at Frome Canoe Club (by the Cheese Grain). We are pleased that Sue Everett, professional environmental consultant and maker of wild flower meadows will be giving a talk 'Meadows and landscapes - a river runs through them' highlighting the delights and problems of land use. We shall also be giving an update of the group's activities last year and this, along with election of officers (but don't let that put you off, we are all happy to be re-elected!). Come and show your support! (04/02/14)
Rodden Meadow and Missing Link
Plans for these projects are going ahead.There will be a Missing Link work party on 11 January (08/01/14)