The Friends of the River Frome is a group of people who feel passionately about the state of the Somerset River Frome and its surroundings.

Our activities include

This website will tell you more about the Friends, who we are, what we do, the variety of activities for you and how you can join us.

In short, if you care for the River Frome, then Friends of the River Frome is for you!

Latest News

AGM Feb 9th 7:30pm @ Frome Canoe Club
All welcome for our AGM. Guest speaker Chris Stringer, Environment Officer for Frome Town Council. Chris has a number of projects in hand so come and find out what the Council is up to on our behalf! He is an engaging speaker with a wealth of expertise and it will be good to hear about this important and interesting work. Oh, and tea and biscuits of course... (11/01/16)
4pm on FromeFM
This Saturday afternoon at 4pm on 96.6 Dorothy-Anne and Chris Stringer, the town environmental manager, are meandering along the river through the open spaces of Frome. The conversation is also available online. For further information follow this link. (29/08/15)
New Welshmill footpath officially open!
A collaboration of River Friends, Frome Town Council, MindSet contractors, Rosetti House Care Home and Edventure has come to fruition with completion of a new riverside path. Officially opened by the Deputy Mayor yesterday, the path has been named The Otherside as it is on the other side from the Welshmill path. It links to make a lovely circular walk from the town centre and is a splendid new addition for public access to the river. (06/08/15)
Frome College volunteers make a difference
Duke of Edinburgh volunteers from the college are clearing Himalayan Balsam from stretches upstream of the town of Frome. This should make keeping the town free of this invasive weed much easier in future years. For further information follow this link. (05/08/15)
Welshmill Weir cleanup
Members got their waders on to clear the Welshmill Weir. An unsightly collection of accumulated debris, timber and river bank strimmings had built up. We removed three traffic cones, two bags of litter, one childs bicycle and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. It's amazing the wildlife you find along the river! (06/07/15)
Pulls and Walks
Do not miss the Festival Bash on morning of 9 July, a riverside walk on the evening of 14 July and more. For further information follow this link. (02/07/15)
Clean up around the river
On 8 June at 4.30 pm we hope to weed as well as clear litter to smarten up our river frontage for the summer. Please come and help - meeting outside the Cheese and Grain. Tools provided. Wear suitable footwear. (26/05/15)
Litter Pick
A dozen volunteers made a substantial difference to the river banks in the centre of town during the early evening litter pick on 20 March. We decided to do another after the Easter Super Market. (06/04/15)
Opportunity to clean up
River Friends are taking part in the 20-21 March national big clean-up. If you could join us it would be great.We meet outside the Cheese and Grain at 4:30pm on Friday 20 March. Wear gloves and footwear suitable for slopes but other equipment is provided. For further information follow this link. (12/03/15)
2015 Launch Litter Pick
As usual we launch the year with our AGM(see previous event) and a Saturday morning litter pick. Meet with gloves and suitable footwear in front of the Cheese and Grain at 10.30am on Saturday 7 February. Unless there is a heatwave we will avoid slopes as falling in freezing water is bad for elderly hearts. (28/01/15)
Flooding, Farming, Fishes and Flowers Public talk
Tuesday 27th January at 7:30pm Frome Canoe Club You are invited to a public talk by Sue Everett, a Frome-based sustainability consultant, in which she will outline the current state of Frome's river environment. We have a beautiful natural corridor through our town and Sue will be discussing the various potential threats to it's health and the opportunities and strategies required to ensure the safety of both local and national waterways. With the undeniable problems of flooding and river management, particularly on the Somerset Levels, it is vital that we understand what actions need to be undertaken to ensure the long-term and environmentally sustainable health of this fundamental necessity of our life on the planet.The evening will include a brief overview of the work that the group has undertaken during the past year plus election of officers for the coming year ahead. The talk is free of charge and includes refreshments. (07/01/15)